The ability to reset your own password using security questions is being disabled. Starting on August 25, 2014 all password resets will need to go through CBIZ Phone Support. Call 1-800-441-0304 option 2, #, and then option 6 and CBIZ Phone Support will verify three pieces of information before resetting your password. This information is your J or P number, your date of birth, and your custom PIN number.

If you are not able to provide this information correctly or if the information is missing or incorrect you will be directed to CBIZ Human Resources to have your password reset.

Due to this change you must create a custom PIN (4-10 alphanumeric characters) and enter it on your personal information page. On the CBIZ Web site under the Main Menu on the left, follow the path: Your Account > Update Personal Information to create the PIN and to verify your other information is correct.